Thirteen years ago when my father was gone my family life was living in difficulty. Father left us alone with our beloved mother, responsibility with her children. She was working very hard gathering food and all things that her children need for their daily life.

Perhaps my mom felt sadness and happiness, both words are reasonable it was making it balanced. But also mom is never sleepy and she always stands strongly never gives up raising her children; couldn’t feel tired, hungry, thirsty and so on… mother just keeps doing what she could do for her children.

At that time I couldn’t understand, one day my mom was crying she held me and whispered in my ear “I can’t do everything that you want and all you need. I’m just a mother because I couldn’t have enough power as well as your father,” mom said.

Even though my family faced a big problem but we kept fighting against the enemy or hardness to be winners, not to be slaves of the darkness.

To conclude my short history, the problem that we are all facing considers just testing us how can we use our minds and our hearts to solve it as well as we can.

Serafin M. Cardoso


Serafin reads History