One Moment in the Rice Field

I remember our rice field

where I spent most of my childhood time with my brothers.

The place where I saw the lizard for the first time

when we started to hunt them around the rice field along the hills.

I remember when our neighbour shouted: Hey!

Did you guys get one? I would like to eat.

Yes we have got two. You can get one, my

brother said. I heard them



The lizard smelled good when we grilled it.

My brother said: Kids do not eat lizards.

I was about to cry, so he gave me a piece

of the meat. I smiled and ate it.

Yummy…it tasted so good, I said.

This is your last and first, but I said:

I know you are kidding.


That was the first time I touched the scared

skin of the lizard which no other kids

would be brave enough to touch because its

skin looks like the skin of a snake.

Aquino Dias Coimbra


Aquino reads One Moment in the Rice Field