The Beauty of an Iramú Childhood

The sun gave her smiling shines through the wooden window and woke me up as if she said to me, “Look out to the world, you have such beautiful nature, beautiful animals waiting for you to play with.”

The birds were singing with beautiful different voices like the choir contests to make my morning fresher.

The cute little goats jumping around and playing in my window like the famous rappers with their sweet voices whispering, “good morning, boss,” and to make sure I would have some time playing with them later that day.

The rocks, the hills, and the rivers were witnessing how the leaves were swinging to show the beauty of the nature.

The fresh, cold weather made me sure I would spend the whole day playing with dogs, goats, riding horses, or spending time in the rice field to make sure the water is fully irrigated, or even taking time to be with the river, swimming like I’m having a race with the fish and the shrimp.

The freedom of childhood made me feel like I was the only one in this universe.

Now, I wish I could bring these all with me to change the nature of the hot, crowded, noisy and dusty Dili.

I wish I could bring up again those moments into today’s life and to have it forever.

Jaime Gusmão


Jaime reads The Beauty of an Iramu Childhood