Why Are We Here?

I woke up one morning and realized it wasn’t like yesterday.

Or the day before it. The silence made me wonder, “What is going on?” My feet touched the cold ground and before I could reach the door, I heard a voice whispered and the door was opened. It was my mum! She looked at me and my other siblings. She couldn’t say a word. She hugged us tight like she didn’t want to let us go. Then, my father showed up, he was in a rush but said nothing. Again I wondered what has happened. Like she understood the language of silence, she took my hand. Finally, the silence was broken when she said, “Let’s go.” “Where?” I asked. Before she could say anything my father told me, “Ask nothing just follow.” My brother and sister were smiling like nothing, but I knew something has happened.

The engine started, I sat in the truck and looked around, smoke everywhere, people were in a rush and heading to the mountain. Still I wonder what has happened. My brother was happy, thinking that we were on a happy road trip, but I know something was wrong here. The car stopped and I wondered where we were, down the hills the beginning of our journey where we have to wave goodbye to my father and started hiking.

“I am thirsty” I told my mum, she handed me a glass of water but her face was looking down the hills like she’s expecting someone to come. People next to use held a radio and were listening with faces full of hope. My mum joined them, I never saw her sad face like that, and I began to hate what I saw. I hate why we were here, I mumble “What has happened.” Before I could say it louder everyone surrounded me screaming and crying. They cried out of happiness, hugging each other and said, “The suffering has been paid off.” Finally I saw my mum smiled, but she when looked at us, I knew she was worried about something, I thought she was worried about my father or maybe about our home. Again I knew something has happened but what was it? Why it made me feel lonely, I miss my home, I miss my father and I miss my friends. I wonder where they are now and what they are doing and why we are here?

Belina Maia Do Rosario


Belina reads Why Are We Here?