Meet the Writers

Contributors’ Biographies

Venancia dos Anjos studies at UNTL in the English department. She is married with one kid. She spends her spare time with her kids and teaching her kids to makes some handcrafts at home every weekend. She is so excited about it her first publication. 

Aquino Dias Coimbra is studying English Language at UNTL. He appreciates the publication of his short story. Have you ever tasted the meat of a lizard? Please read his short story.

Serafin M. Cardoso studies English at UNTL. In his free time he likes to teach English and play with children, and is involved in community service. This is his first publication.

Angela Tavares de Jesus graduated from UNTL English Department. She is a full time translation and communication officer at INGO, but she spends her spare time over the weekends to teaching English to young people. This is her first publication and she is so excited about it.

Jaime Gusmão is an alumnus of UNTL. He is now working in the English Language Center at UNTL as an ELC Officer. He likes reading short fiction and this is his first publication ever.

Madalena Freitas Guterres is in the 9th semester of the UNTL English Department program. She spends her time on the weekend reading storybooks and poems, and she is so excited about this creative writing workshop, and this is her first publication.

Nivia Pereira graduated from English Department at UNTL. She is married with two kids. she has a full time Job as a Human Resource Executive in an international company. She loves reading and writing short stories for her kids in her spare time. This is her first publication, and she is so excited about it.

Belina Maia Do Rosario graduated from UNTL with a Bachelor of Education. She has been working as a manager of the English Language Centre since 2013. She was awarded the Trinity College London Certificate in TESOL. Belina is also a Junior Lecturer at UNTL; she enjoys teaching English and is committed to making her lessons stimulating for all her students. In her spare time, she loves writing short stories; she has written two stories in Tetum, but this is her first publication.

Janio Tilman is a graduate of UNTL and currently works in the protocol office. He is a freelance interpreter and is an announcer for Amadora League. He is also a poet and songwriter. You may have heard one of his songs on the radio. This is his first published poem in English.